By Courtney Jerk

The infamous Wilson Bryan Key

A few months ago, Wild World profiled the Vance vs. Judas Priest trial, wherein the band were brought before a US court of law following the suicide and maiming of another boy, who claimed that the heavy metal band’s music provided inspiration for the self-focused violence. This was the stuff the PRMC’s dreams are chock full of, and subsequently, the band’s music was scrutinized by lawyers and their expert consultants, who alleged that back masked messages had in fact influenced the boy’s actions. After receiving some mail about the actual validity of back masking as well as subliminal messages, I’ve decided to expand a bit on the mechanics of back masked suggestions and even explore their supposed validity. Continue reading

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By Andra Litton & Max Dropout


By Aubrey Edwards

To say the Ka-Nives are uncontrollable is an understatement. Watching the three members, Matt Murillo, Will Adams and Tony Hall sputter around on stage like a pack of half-retarded, sugar-addled kids is more like an episode of Romper Room than a rock show. But then again, that retardation, sugar-spasms, and the interactivity of stupid shit like the aforementioned show might just be the very brine of the modern rock n’ roll dynasty of which the Ka-Nives are very much a part.

Considering the band’s ADD-pace, it’s no wonder it took me about three months of long-distance interviews, and a reference to the band wench roadie wingman, Ty Mahany, before I was able to get a half way straight answer on the band’s status. Continue reading

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