By Max Dropout

Q: So, where does punk rock go when it dies?
A: They saw the corpse into Hot Pocket-sized morsels, distill the organs, and sell the bile and guts to trend-hunting buyers for exorbitant markup at Hot Topics across the continental US, of course.
Upon closer inspection of the trashy nick-knacks, shoddy compilations, and poorly manufactured bondage gear lining these counter-culture trophy shops, it dawns on a sensible body that what weíre looking at amounts to dead antlered heads hanging on walls. These ludicrous items donít necessarily capture the true essence or spirit of this trounced prey. Beyond the mere fragments of the deceased creature, there was once a spark of being. More importantly, where has that gone? Most ironic is the idea of rebellionís ire maintaining some sort of integrity once it has been inducted into the ranks of other societal norms. Continue reading

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