By Max Dropout

Since Jerry Only’s Christian Rock-cum-Malmsteen Kryst The Conquerer morphed into the equally lamentable Misfits revival, there’s been more fiasco to attract attention than there has been worthwhile music. Interest in the New’fits these days seems limited to purely morbid curiosity, as Only disparages the brand name with his desperate attempts to maintain notoriety. For those who recall, when Only initially broke the news of a new Misfits record, we were promised that Glenn’s absence, though felt, would be made up for by a performer of equally great stature — indeed, we were told that Dave Vanian of the Damned had been enlisted to write, record, and tour as the band’s new front man. However, this was dispelled almost immediately when Vanian shot back to the press that he hadn’t even been approached with the offer and was not interested in joining the band. Continue reading

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